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A Thank You Message from the 2020 GHS Tomorrow's Teachers Interns to their Cooperating Teachers....


Encourage - Inspire - Support

Congratulations, Mr. Justin Serfozo
GHS Teacher of the Year 2020

Updated Remote Learning Information

WEEK 12 Remote Learning Schedule:

Boilermaker FLEX
Friday, 6/12

The blocks will follow a time schedule for students that would like to "meet" with their classes, this will avoid classes overlapping. The time schedule is as follows:
                            Block 1:   8:30-9:15
                            Block 2:   9:15-10:00
                            Block 3:  10:00-10:45
                            Block 4:  10:45-11:30
Teachers will continue to  be available until 12:30 p.m. 
  • These time frames are meant to set up a specific time for students and teachers to communicate, almost in real time, regarding their specific class. 
  • During class times, teachers may post in Teams (or the platform they are using), share a recorded video, hold an video/audio conference, etc.  
  • Students will still be able to submit work after these specific time frames and communicate with teachers via email, Teams, etc.
  • Boilermaker FLEX Fridays have been put into place. 
    • FUN
    • Students must continue to log-on for each class. 
  Other important reminders:
  • Please check our Guidance department pages frequently, as resources are routinely updated:  http://ghs.gboe.org/departments/guidance/resources
  • Up to date information for the Class of 2020 will be communicated via student email, parent email, robo-calls and the Class of 2020 website:  http://ghs.gboe.org/departments/student_activities/class_of_2020
  • If anyone is having laptop or technology issues
  • If anyone forgot their laptop in school, please email:  ddamico@gboe.org
  • At this time, no one is at the school to answer phone calls.  The best way to communicate is through email.  Here is a link to each of our  GHS faculty member's email address.   Please feel free to email regarding any questions or concerns.


  What is a Boilermaker?


A boilermaker is an industrial metal worker. Many people do not understand the true worth of a boilermaker. Boilermakers are resilient, adaptable, and resourceful. Through their values they fashion the materials made available to them for the benefit of their community and the world around them. In the spirit of a boilermaker, Garfield High School students shape this resilience like steel. They adapt and persevere to overcome obstacles that may arise. Boilermakers use everything imaginable, every tool offered, in order to forge their path in life. As craftsmen, the parents, faculty and staff help inspire students to establish their own skills. The teachers mold the malleable minds of our students while the administration provides the framework for success. History has taught us that goals can only be accomplished when we combine the varied talents of all our students, parents and staff. This interaction fosters understanding in a diverse community. Through this cooperation comes understanding and through understanding comes greatness. In 1931, Garfield officially became The Boilermakers, and by 1939, National Football Champions. As a school community, we aspire to attain this distinct level of excellence which has been a part of Garfield's legacy. We use previous accomplishments as the blueprint for our future triumphs academically as well as athletically. The tradition of The Boilermaker bridges generations and infuses the fortitude of past champions onto all who enter Garfield High School. Garfield High School is the home of The Boilermakers, in the City of Champions. Ultimately, a Boilermaker is destined to be a Champion.

Mission Statement
 A Boilermaker must make the decision to become a champion. Each student must choose to foster the skills and knowledge presented to them to attain their desired level of success. The process begins with establishing a connection within the school community and the school with the community that continues to grow and flourish as the years progress. Through outreach, collaboration, and communication, resources will be gathered for the future achievements of our students, school, and community. In the classroom, technology is one of the instruments that has been incorporated to acquire the abilities that are crucial for ongoing development. Additionally, interactive activities and field trips that relate to real-life situations are utilized to further expand upon the concepts that are part of the daily curriculum in alignment with the Common Core Standards. By actively encouraging students to participate in extracurricular academic and social experiences, we are presenting students with the means to not only meet but also exceed predefined expectations. Overall, students will be able to develop the techniques required for post-secondary opportunities and become confident and productive members of society with programs that provide the foundation for 3 their individual learning needs. Although students have to overcome challenges inside and outside the classroom, there is a system in place for building upon strengths and addressing weaknesses. Garfield High School aims to accommodate students by offering academic options ranging from advanced placement to nontraditional alternative programs in order to address a multitude of learning needs. By providing the students with educational support services, mentoring, life skills, athletics, and recreational activities, it ensures that there will be a safe haven to overcome the obstacles that they will encounter. As a community, our goal is to create a unified school bond with the intent of giving students the necessary means to make the choice for success, and become the Boilermaker that is a champion. 

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