Music Course Descriptions

Instrumental Music(Full year/5 credits)

Prerequisites: Previous band experience or teacher recommendation)

Band is a one-year elective that is a planned progression from the elementary and middle school bands. The course includes the study and performance of varied repertoire of standard concert band literature. Sound rehearsal techniques and procedures are continually stressed and individual improvement of each student’s performance is encouraged. Emphasis is placed on good tone production, balance, intonation, technical flexibility and musicianship. Participation in the winter and spring concert programs is part of the required curriculum. All band members are required to attend a weekly band rehearsal after school.



History of Rock (Half year/2.5 credits)

Prerequisites: None

This course begins with a brief overview of the ancestors of Rock and Roll: Pop Music, Country and Western Music, and Rhythm and Blues, leading us into the emergence of Rock in the 1950’s. The transition into the 1960’s will help us to understand how society can be reflected and influenced by music. We will discuss Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the British Invasion, Folk Rock, Soul, the musical developments in San Francisco, Jazz and Art Rock. The 1970’s will introduce us to Disco and Soft Rock and the 1980’s will bring Heavy Metal and Rap. When we reach the 1990’s and the turn of the century the class will talk over to help discuss the current trends of the day. Extensive listening and video examples will be analyzed to uncover the make-up of the music. Finally, we will discuss how Rock and Roll has influenced other cultures and even how other cultures have influenced the development of Rock and Roll. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you understand the music that you are listening to: where it comes from, what it is made of, where it is going, and to help make you an educated consumer of music.



Chorus (Full year/5 credits)

Prerequisites: None

This course will allow students to grow and develop as an ensemble as well as to grow as individual singers. Students will learn and perform wide range of music repertoire as they gain further knowledge and understanding of basic music skills. Students will attend and participate in after-school combined rehearsals, seasonal concerts with solo opportunities, and field trips with many performance and technique-improving opportunities. Students will be graded on attendance, participation and overall effort. There are no prerequisites for this course. All students with a passion for singing are invited and welcome to join the GHS Concert Choir.


Advanced Chorus (Full year/5 credits)

Prerequisites: Chorus and Teacher Recommendation

This course is the advanced level of choir. Students must audition and be accepted into the ensemble in order to enroll in this course. One year of concert choir is recommended before enrolling in this course, but it is not required. Students will learn and perform a wide range of challenging music repertoire as they gain a more advanced knowledge and understanding of basic music skills. Students will learn concert choir repertoire in addition to their own more advanced music repertoire. Attendance and participation in weekly after-school rehearsals, seasonal concerts, and field trips is expected. Students will be graded on attendance, participation, dedication, and overall effort.


Music Appreciation  (Half year/2.5 credits)

Prerequisites: None

This course is designed as a music appreciation class. Students gain an appreciation of the broad spectrum of music through listening, creating, evaluating, understanding and performing music. The course is very project and activity-based and students will often be working in groups or teams. Students will also be given opportunities to work individually. Students are encouraged to learn by doing and exploring using creativity and individuality. Students will be expected to participate in all activities and to keep a listening journal in which they will respond emotionally and critically.

Digital Music (Half year/2.5 credits)

Prerequisites: None


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